Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Can you explain the combat system in Familiar?"

Yeah sure.

The nitty-gritty is a bit different between the Familiar and the Scrawl Witch, but in general, it is sort of a real-time Action/Adventure combat type-deal. All the battles take place in the overworld (so no random encounters, or “arenas” like in the Mario & Luigi RPGs and Okami), so you pretty much know what you’re getting into a good while before you actually start the fight (which allows you to conveniently switch Words and spells, as well as the Familiar’s form).

For the Scrawl Witch, combat revolves around judging the situation and using different spells as needed, and generally dishing out the damage while trying not to take a hit because you’re about as sturdy as a caster should be. The spell charge system (and a few of the spells themselves) was heavily inspired by NieR’s spell system, which I guess you can see a bit of here. (although in all honesty, I have’t actually seen the entire video because the Internet here is kind of ass). All spells use up a bit of her mana bar, which fills back up relatively quickly (although only after not casting for a few seconds) and can be upgraded to be able to store more mana and fill up faster.

For the Familiar, combat revolves around utiliting your different forms (one for each Word) and generally just keeping enemies away from the Scrawl Witch. His attacks don’t deal as much damage, but they generally have more knockback and can stagger enemies. Also, while the Familiar can be incapacitated for short amounts of time after taking a large amount of damage, and still takes knockback from attacks, he has no real “HP bar” and cannot die. He has a special attack for every form that uses up a bit of his energy bar, which refills faster than Scrawl Witch’s mana bar but can’t be upgraded.

Does that answer things?


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