Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anonymous said: arent you ever afraid that people will steal your ideas for video games? youre always posting them on the internet so some one could just come and steal it. if i were you i wouldnt be sharing this stuff until i actually made the game.

Well really, this could boil down to one of two things: somebody looks at my stuff, takes what they like, and uses it to build off on their own thing, or somebody scans through all of my stuff, copy-and-pastes, and goes on from there. 

For the first case, this is actually the ideal for me. The more people I can inspire, the better. If you can steal like an artist, I respect that. That’s how I get along—it’s really just taking things you find strewn about and making order out of them, putting your own twist on things in the process. 

For the second case, it’s more of a sink-or-swim deal. Either they try to fit the pieces together but end up flopping because they don’t have my insight (like a thief that steals blueprints but doesn’t know how to use them), or they piece it all up better than I would’ve done it—in which case, it would’ve been better off in their hands anyway, and they’ve done me a favor.

Really, I don’t plan on making games because I think they’ll net me boatloads of money (although it is a lucrative business). Really, it’s just me going “wouldn’t it be cool if” and being too impatient to wait for other people to do it. I also have a lot of faith in my own abilities, which is why I don’t necessarily trust others to do it as well as I would. 

But in the end, as long as a good game is made, I’m happy.


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