Wednesday, April 25, 2012

kingmunsterxvii said: I really like your haircut and I'm going to the barber shop tomorrow. Tell me what you told your barber so I can tell my barber the same thing and we can be bobbsies.

My grandma cuts my hair but she pretty much just cuts it evenly???? We have just about the same hair I think so if you just shower in the morning and let it do its own thing you should be well off.

And it’s not like it does that cool little swirly thing all the time, it changes about every five minutes. Your hair does cool shapes too, but for it do to the exact same cool things mine does relies solely on coincidence!

Brushing it to the side with your hand like I do might help your odds out a bit. 

FANDOM SECRET: I kind of wish I looked as cool in a ponytail as you do! It’s certainly not a bad do’.


  1. orlyman said: When Ryan and Ched talk it’s my favorite thing
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