Wednesday, April 25, 2012

>doing project for art class where we pick a Tarot card at random and have to do something based off of it

>get the Page of Wands

>look it up

"The page lives where the wand, or the flame, is larger than the person. The drive is larger than life’s experiences. The thirst for action and the yearning for progress has put you squarely in front of the task so that you can grow beyond your limit." (Evelin Burger)

When comparing what you want to “move” and what is “moving” you, experiences become less important. That is the danger, and yet it is also a chance. Don’t “lose” yourself and don’t lose your chance. When this card appears, it’s time for a new beginning that will bring you to the point where you discover the true power and energy of your own fire, your personal power.

Upon being born you were filled with drives, will power and desire. This is the perfect time to re-discover life, playfully conquering and greeting success and defeat, all events and experience with great enthusiasm.

This card is also considered the ‘messenger’ card. When it is in a spread, it is highly likely that you will receive important news.



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